Wednesday, June 16, 2010

unforgetable farewell outting ever

i'm so happy today! at last, my wish come true.. i met him.. (^_^) we really spend time with each other... waa, so much fun! once he arrived and stood in front of me, i felt like my heartbeat stops pumping! that kind of feeling was so incredible.. like we had been separated for a thousand years! his eyes, his smile and his voice... OMG! kte prgi lunch sme2 after collecting movie tickets... oldtown, yucks! mkanan kat sne were quite yucky tpi tapehh larh asalkn kte dpat b'sembang ckup lurr.. after lunch, we rushed to the theater and watch THE PRINCE OF PERSIA.. honestly, i don't really focus on what i was watching.. i was just peeking on him! hahaa.. ta gne btol! pstue nak mnja2 pulak dgn dea tue.. (gatal!) tpi....cis! tadehh rspond.. lalalaa.. after habis sume tue, kte prgi arked.. syok giler! saat tue larh klimaks..  ta jemu pun tggu giliran sbb....urmm, best larh!! hehee.. there was a lot of sweet memories kat tmpt arked... rse mcm da putar blek mse & i don't feel like letting go even just for a second.. miss him! mse nak balek tue both of us kept quiet.. entah apehh yg dea tngah pkir, but i was thinking that, shall we stay here & overnight! hahaha.. tamao balek larh!! hehe.. thnx putra! u showed me what love really is... and, thnx for giving me such a great memory.. i will never forget u! i hope outting hari nie b'mkne jgk bgi u & plz don't forget me... my wish for today; we will meet each other again one fine day in future! saranghae... (^_^)

yours faithfully,

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